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  • Save two beautiful, historic civic buildings from "demolition by neglect"
  • Make the Civic Center area "the heart of Berkeley"
  • Expand our city's cultural facilities

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Latest Updates

March 2023 – Council Work Session 3/21

The City Council had a special “work session” meeting on March 21. The CCCC had sent a letter to all concerned stating several points that we believe the Council should take into consideration. The Vision Team’s  report of more than 160 pages, summarizing recommendations and estimated costs, is here.

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February 2023 – Presentation for Super-Subcommittee

The slide deck for the February 9, 2023 Super Subcommittee meeting is here. It includes some public survey data. The new drawings for the Maudelle Shirek Building allocate a significant amount of space to city offices and “support spaces” despite only 42% of respondents favoring such uses. The Historical Society museum is distributed onto parts…

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February 2023 – Planning Phase 2 Continues

The Civic Center Vision Team will present and discuss updated design concepts with the “Super Sub Committee” composed of representatives from several City Commissions in an online meeting, open to the public, on Thursday, February 9, at 11:30 am. They are planning a workshop for Berkeley High students the following week and are hoping to…

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January 2023 – Parks Commission Also Okays Turtle Island Design Concept

The Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Commission met on January 11 and voted to approve the new concept. CCCC members, who met on January 12, remain skeptical about its feasibility and will ask that cost estimates be developed ASAP. Our next meeting will be at noon on January 30, prior to the City Council receiving a…

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December 2022 – Turtle Island, continued

The Civic Arts Commission voted unanimously on December 7 to approve the new conceptual design as presented by Lee Sprague and Marlene Watson. Representatives of the Berkeley Indigenous People’s Day Pow Wows group spoke in support and stated that the design has the blessing of local Ohlone leader Corrina Gould. CCCC members commented about the…

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The CCCC group is open to any and all interested individuals, particularly those who live or work in Berkeley.

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