June 2022 – Will Civic Center Be Funded If Bond Measure Passes?

At this point, inclusion in the projects the proposed bond measure would fund is not guaranteed. The City Council will have a special meeting about the bond measure on Tuesday, June 21, at 6 pm–agenda packet here. Of interest is the following outline for the $150 million infrastructure part:

  • $90M for climate change, wildfire protection, and resiliency:
    • $40M to underground approximately 5 miles of evacuation routes to help enable emergency responders’ ingress and evacuating residents’ egress in the event of a wildfire, earthquake, or other disaster (cost is approximately $7 million per mile)
    • $10M for sea level rise projects (at the Waterfront)
    • $40M for storm drain, green infrastructure, and Aquatic Park improvements which would replace aging infrastructure, prevent pollution from reaching the Bay, and improve the City’s resiliency from climate- infused storms
  • $60M to contribute to other public infrastructure projects, such as the public realm projects (or other improvements) at the Civic Center and Waterfront, new projects such as the San Pablo Park Pool, or other park and building projects.

You may wish to comment during the meeting or via email to the Council.