September 2022 – Entering Phase Two

An online meeting on September 29 included representatives from the project planning team, CCCC, and four City commissions—Public Works, Civic Arts, Landmarks and Parks. The project team gave a presentation illustrated with the slides shown here on the City’s webpage for the Civic Center project. New concept drawings (see below) seemed to:

  • relegate the Historical Society museum and Berkeley Community Media to the lower level of the Shirek Building, with a lot of space now allocated to “offices”
  • omit the “buttresses” suggested by Tipping Engineers as additions to the Veterans Building
  • assume that new Council Chambers would be in a large addition on the west side of the Shirek Building

In the limited time remaining they received some feedback from  commissioners and CCCC members. People can send suggestions and request to be kept informed by writing to

schematic architectural drawings